University Theme Development

The Toolkit WordPress Theme is based on the University of Leeds Web Toolkit and is used in the wordpress hosting service for all subdomains. The theme is based on Bootstrap and is maintained using git. If you would like to contribute to the development of the theme, please contact

Editing the theme

Editing the theme directly is not permitted, as the theme is maintained using the git source control system and updates rolled out automatically from a central repository . If you wish to contribute to the theme, please read the instructions on this page about how we manage the theme in git.

If you want to change some styles in the theme, you can do so using the “Additional CSS” part of the theme Customizer (in Appearance->Customize). To override styles you will first need to examine how the element is targeted by the core CSS using the developer tools available in most browsers. The more specific you are in targeting elements on the page, the more likely it is that your styles will override those in the theme (unless, of course, you make them !important).

Theme Dependencies

The only plugin dependency for the theme is the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin.

The theme’s dist folder contains all the CSS and Javascript from the University’s toolkit project. Any additional CSS or Javascript for the theme should be added using standard WordPress function calls, added to the SASS which is compiled to styles.css, or added using a child theme.