Using the Online Journal plugin

The Online Journal plugin creates a new post type (Articles) and taxonomies (Issues, Categories, Types and Keywords) to manage an online journal which can be kept separate from Posts and Pages. The Journal is organised primarily by Issues, and these can be subdivided by Types or Categories.

The main Journal page will collect a list of all Issues and display them in order by the issue “slug” (usually a number). Each Issue name will link to an Issue page, where the Articles assigned to the Issue will be displayed in a list. Additionally, the Issue page will list all other issues in its sidebar. Each Article name will link to an Article Page which will display the contents of the article, and a list of other articles in the Issue in its sidebar. Additionally, links to Article categories, types and keywords can be displayed on article pages which will link to archive pages for categories, types and keywords.

To start using the plugin, you first need to create a page which will become the main page for the Journal. Then, visit the Journal Settings Page (in the Journal submenu).

Journal Page Settings

This is where you configure the page which will be used as the base page for the journal. The first setting is where you select the page from a list, then you can add an introduction to this page below. Then you can select how the articles in the issue will be displayed on the issue page. You can output all articles on the Issue page, or use Types or Categories to group articles. If you are grouping articles, you can additionally specify the categories/types to display and change their order by adding them to the list below.

Article List Display Settings

These settings affect the way articles are displayed in the list on an Issue page. The Display Issue setting governs whether the name of the Issue and a link to the Issue page is displayed with Articles when they are shown in a Category, Type or Keyword archive page. The Display Authors setting governs whether the author(s) of articles are displayed in lists (including the list for an Issue shown in the sidebar on individual Article pages). The Prefix Authors setting will add a prefix to the list of authors when they are displayed. The Display Excerpt setting will display the first words of the article in lists (the number of words is determined by another setting not shown in the above figure).

Article Metadata Display Settings

These settings govern what information is displayed on single Article pages, whether to use a prefix for these lists (and what it will be), and where this information is included in the page.