Configuring Menus

There are two menus on sites which are constructed in Appearance->Menus.

WordPress Menu User Guide

Top Menu

This is the menu just under the site title. This menu would normally have links to all the main pages/sections of the site, and can contain sub-menus.

If you want to add menu items to show News, Events and Profiles, look for the Post Type Archives group on the left.

Items containing submenus cannot be used as links, so if you want to link to the top item, place it in the submenu items as well.

Try not to put too many items in this menu, as the menu may wrap on smaller screens.

Footer Menu

This menu is for a list of links in the footer of the website. Your site should contain links to a Copyright page, Accessibility page and a Privacy Page, as well as a link to the Freedom of Information page on the main University of Leeds site ( This menu does not support submenus.