Using Events

Events are a custom content type used to store event information and present that information in the correct chronological order (i.e. by the date on which the event takes place).

To see an example of Events in action, please see the toolkit demo site.

Events have a number of additional fields to complete when you add them:

Enter the date on which the event takes place as the start date, and if it lasts for more than one day, enter the date on which the event finishes as the end date. Both fields must be filled in for you to save the event. The Event time field is a text input and does not require specific formatting – it also has no effect on the ordering of events. Events are ordered by start date and then by publish date, so if you have more than one event on the same day, use the publish date to get them in the correct order.

The Event Location field can be linked to another website or web page using the Event Location URL field.

The Event URL (external) field is used to link the event to an external URL which holds the information for the event. This can either be shown as a link in the event page “key information” box, or you can specify that the event is linked directly (redirected). If you are redirecting events using this, ensure you have entered a title and an excerpt for the event to show on the main Events page (and featured image if possible).

The Key Facts for the event should include ticket prices and any other pertinent information – these are displayed in a “key information” box a the top of the event page.

If you have enabled bookings for events (in Events Settings), you will also be able to set the button text and booking URL for events which still have tickets, or change this to a message (Free, Sold out, Cancelled) if no tickets are available.

Events have their own Categories which you can use to group different types of events with – in the above example a series of concerts are grouped in a category so there is a page listing all events at the Leeds Lieder Festival 2020.

Event Settings

The way Events are displayed on the main Events archive page can be adjusted in Events->Event Settings.

You can set a title of the Events archive page – this will also change the breadcrumb trail. If you  also want to change the URL of the Events Archive, you can edit the permalink in Settings->Permalinks.

You can also add a paragraph of text which will be added above event listings on the archive page.

Other settings relate to enabling bookings and editing labels which are applied to the listings of current events (events which have yet to take place), events archive (events which have already taken place) and whether to show the events calendar on this page.