There are some limitations to the WordPress service which make podcasting on the service problematic. The main one is storage space – sites only have 300MB of space available to them, which is enough for a reasonably large (~300 pages) site as long as images are well optimised, but falls well short of hosting audio or video for a podcast/vodcast. If the WordPress service was used to host audio or video content, it would need to be optimised for web delivery prior to the files being uploaded (including possibly transcoding the content to different formats to target different devices). A half hour of audio consumes around 300MB using an uncompressed file format (i.e. WAV), whereas this can be reduced to 10-30MB if optimised.

A WordPress plugin would need to be used to organise the podcast and make it available as an RSS feed so podcast software can “subscribe” to the channel. There are plugins available to do this, but most podcast plugins rely on an external service to host the audio or video files.

Using an external service to host media files

The following services are a selection at the time of writing (September 2019):

Service Packages Cost Storage Limits Plugin
Starter $19 / month Unlimited None Seriously Simple Podcasting
Growth $34 / month Unlimited None
Pro $49 / month Unlimited None
Classic 50 $5 / month 50MB None Libsyn Publisher Hub
Classic 250 $15 / month 250MB None
Classic 400 $20 / month 400MB None
Classic 800 $40 / month 800MB None
Free 0 5 hours 100GB / month bandwidth PowerPress Podcasting Plugin
Unlimited (multiple packages) $9 / month – $39 / month Unlimited None
Business $99 / month – $129 / month Unlimited None
Free 0 2 hours / month Episodes removed after 90 days
includes advertising
Buzzsprout Podcasting (may no longer be maintained)
$12 / month 3 hours / month None
$18 / month 6 hours / month None
$24 / month 12 hours / month None
Free speech 0 5 hours None Spreaker Shortcode
On-air talent $6 – $7 / month 100 hours None
Broadcaster $18 – $20 / month 500 hours None
Anchorman $45 – $50 / month 1500 hours None