Hearing Aids for Music site launched

hearing-aids-for-musicA new website for a research project in the School of Music, headed up by Dr Alinka Greasley, was launched this week.


The project will represent the first large-scale, systematic investigation of how music listening is affected by hearing aid technology. Social-psychological research methods including surveys and interviews will be used to explore patterns and preferences of music listening behaviour within representative samples from the UK population of hearing aid users. Data from clinical audiology will also be used to explore how levels and types of deafness and hearing aids affect music listening experiences.

A short clinical survey was launched in April 2015 and a follow-on interview interview study is scheduled for late 2015. In-depth discussions will take place with a small, balanced sample of hearing aid users to explore their experiences. Participants will also take hearing tests, providing up-to-date audiometric data to help the team interpret the results. Finally, in Summer 2016, a large, national, web-based survey will be conducted, which aims to produce enough data to explore wider trends within, and between, hearing aid user groups.