New site launched for ESRC seminar series

eadmThe seminar series will be made up of six research seminars (in 2015 – 2016) followed in 2017-8 by a 2-day workshop and a European symposium.

This seminar series offers a timely opportunity to reflect upon the implementation of legislation such as the Scottish Adults with Incapacity Act 2000, the English Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Austrian Advance Directives Law 2006, and to consider ongoing debates such as those in the Republic of Ireland following the publication of the Irish Law Commission’s report and draft Mental Capacity (Advance Care Directives) Bill, 2009.

The seminar series will encourage a more critical and constructive assessment of the law relating to advance decision-making within Europe, interlinking legal discourse with policy and practice discourses on aspects of mental health and mental capacity law, promoting a multi-perspective dialogue and analysis. It will bring together leading researchers, practitioners, PhD students and third sector workers (hospices and health charities) from across Europe.