Move to new server

server-moveOn Thursday 27 November 2014, this WordPress installation was moved to a new server to increase its scalability, resilience and improve speed.

Originally, this collection of sites was hosted on the University’s web hosting service, along with a multitude of other sites across the University. However, as the service grew in popularity, some limitations started to be reached, most notably the number of domains which could be hosted there. Now the service is hosted on its own Virtual Machine, meaning that the capacity for hosting new sites has been greatly increased, and the installation now has a greater degree of autonomy, so the infrastructure can be tuned to deliver the best possible performance.

Part of the move also involved removing older sites from the installation, upgrading themes for some sites, and a general audit of the sites currently hosted here. It also paved the way for the possibility of updating some of the plugins and themes in the installation automatically from their repositories on github, using the github updater plugin.

“Overall this has been a really successful project. Unfortunately in IT it is often the case that highly complex, technically demanding changes such as this go completely un-noticed if everything goes to plan.”